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Green Alliance product use tutorial + FAQ solution

Date:2017-12-13    Keyword:Power cord,Audio-Video

?Bluetooth Adapter Usage Tutorial

? HDMI to VGA common fault

?HDMI cable Computer and TV connection settings

How do you cast a screen to a TV/computer?

?How to install Green Link USB 100M/Gigabit LAN driver

?USB external graphics driver setting method (Apple Chinese system)

?USB external NIC driver installation method (Apple Chinese system)

?USB external NIC driver installation method (Windows10 system)

?USB external sound card setting method (stereo mix)

?Green USB switch operation method

? Apple U disk tutorial

?RS232 serial cable common connection and pin definition

? interface comparison

?Green PCI-E desktop NIC instructions

?Mini displayport to HDMI settings

?Displayport turns hdmi to connect computer and TV

Dongguan Linkey Electronics Co., Ltd. is committed to the development of new products and strive to maintain a leading edge in the industry. He has obtained dozens of patents for invention, utility and appearance. Create four series of high-performance data lines, namely HDMI series, DVI series, VGA series, USB series.

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