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How to improve wireless charging efficiency?

Date:2017-12-13    Keyword:Power cord,HDMI Series Cable

Although wireless charging of mobile phones has long been applied by brands such as Nokia and Samsung, this field has been tepid. The adoption of the Apple iPhone 8 Series and iPhone X will be a strong push for wireless charging. Apple iPhone 8 new machine wireless standard uses the Qi standard, which is the principle of electromagnetic induction for charging.

So how to improve wireless charging efficiency?
The wireless charging system is divided into a transmitting end and a receiving end. Through electromagnetic induction, the wireless charging board and the mobile phone transmit power through a spatial magnetic field. The advantages and disadvantages of the design of the wireless charging board, the loss of each contact of the circuit design, directly affects the wireless charging efficiency.

1. Component loss affects wireless charging speed

The internal resistance of the components is small, and the conversion efficiency of the system is high. Components such as triodes with small internal resistance can be used to greatly improve wireless charging efficiency. However, if the internal resistance is low, the cost will be relatively high.

2. The transmitting end and the receiving end cannot be matched in time, causing loss and affecting the speed of wireless charging.

The power output of the transmitting end is flexibly adjusted according to the receiving end, and excessive transmitting power will generate excessive power loss when matching with the receiving end. Optimize the timely matching of the two parts to improve wireless charging efficiency.

3. Wireless charging transmitter switching power loss

The wireless charging transmitter is a switching power supply, and the switch driving signal cannot be turned on or off synchronously. The system will generate a large switching power loss in this segment.

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