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Measured Huawei Mate10 mobile phone projection function: easy to use!

Date:2017-12-13    Keyword:Audio-Video,Cable Power cord
If the processor and operating system of Huawei Mate10 are cool, its mobile screen projection function is more practical, just a video cable, easy to create a home theater effect. The following small series will take the screencast function under the Mate10 test.

The test equipment is very simple: Huawei Mate10, green link type-c to hdmi, projector

The connection method is very simple, you can connect the video cable to the phone and projector respectively.

After the connection is completed, the screen of the mobile phone will pop up a “big screen projection” reminder. After clicking, the projector will display the screen of the Mate10 mobile phone, and the screen is completed.

During the screencasting process, you can switch to “Analog and Mouse” and “Computer Mode” at any time.

After switching, the mobile phone and the projector respectively display their own screens. In the “simulated mouse and keyboard” mode, the mobile phone will display the control panel of the analog laptop, and the mouse and keyboard functions can be realized by sliding or clicking.

After the operation is completed, the screen can be screened and switched to the screen state again.

to sum up

Huawei Mate10's screencasting function is still very simple and easy to use, no network, no need to download the app, a type-c to hdmi can be easily implemented, for friends who like the big screen experience is still very good.

Note: Monitors and TVs with HDMI interface can be screened with Mate10.
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