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An audio cable, referred to as an audio cable; a line used to transmit an electroacoustic signal or data. Broadly speaking, there are two major categories of electrical signals and optical signals.
Audio cable is the majority, and optical cable has gradually occupied a share in the past 20 years.
The main transmission type of audio electric signal cable has two large-scale balanced and unbalanced
1, the signal has the difference between analog and digital
2, the signal strength has a difference between the front and the rear
Since the audio equipment can be composed of multiple single pieces, the cable should be composed of two parts: the audio cable and the connector (except the speaker cable).
In a broadcast control room, the number of video and audio cables connected to each signal is quite large. At the same time, because the location is very concentrated, if you do not encode each cable, it will bring extreme maintenance to the future. Great inconvenience. The method is very simple. Before making the connector, you can put the line code on the two ends of the AV cable according to the pre-programmed number. The principle of coding is simple and intuitive. Encoding that is too complicated or too abstract is also not easy to maintain.

It is recommended to use a combination of letters and numbers, such as: VD101 represents the first output (01) of the video (V) splitter (D) No. 1 (1).

This is illustrated by a set of codes:
1, signal properties: video signal.
2, signal source: video distributor
3. Equipment number: No.1 machine.
4. Port position: No. 1 output port.

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